RC Drag Race

Race Schedule for List racing*
Time(s) 6pm – 9pm*
*some day(s) might be moved.  Keep track of race dates on website, and Facebook.

First race will start: Tuesday, March 6, 2018 March 13 – DONE

Race dates:

Tuesday, March 6 March 13DONE
Friday, March 30 DONE
Tuesday, April 3 DONE
Friday, April 27 DONE
Tuesday, May 8 DONE
Finals, Saturday, May 26 DONE with Outlaw racing

DC Hobbies Outlaws
RC Drag Racing


TOP 10 Lists – Kids (15 years or young, electric only), Nitro, and Electric
Top Ten List: This is a list of the top drivers at our track, to become number one you simply must challenge the driver above you on the list, beat him or her and you can move up and take his spot, loose and you have to wait till the next race challenge.


  1. ANY race restarts are at the discretion of the Race Marshall and/or anyone he or she appoints.
  2. Glass containers, alcohol, and drugs are not allowed on the premises.
  3. This is family event. Please refrain from using any foul language.  You get what you give.  All racers are expected to exemplify quality sportsmanship both on and off the track.  Anyone racing must have a armband.  If no armband, you must stay outside the fence area.
  4. The Track: length is 132 feet (scale ¼ mile)
  5. No Prep Race. We call this no prep meaning we only sweep the racing surface, no traction additive is applied to the surface, or your tires which makes power management and driving the key to fast consistent runs.
  6. Burn outs to warm up tires are allowed in designated area before race.
  7. If you are not on the list you must race the Gate Keeper* to race number 10 spot.
  8. Cross Center Line: If you cross the center line, you lose (DQ). If both cars cross center line, first one that crosses center line loses (DQ) that race.
  9. If you are on the list, but not present at schedule race, you will lose two spots on the list.
  10. If you lose to the guy ahead of you; you must race down before racing up.
  11. If you crash your car during a race, and not able to run the next race you can lose one spot if called out.
  12. 1/10th and 1/8th Electric or Nitro. Any battery size. Any nitro motors size.  2WD and 4WD are OK.  Batteries must be charged in Lipo bag(s).
  13. Once off the list, you must start over.
  14. You can only have one car on the list. You may have one on Electric and Nitro at the same time.
  15. Electronic driver steering assist devices are allowed.
  16. No sharing drivers on same car.
  17. Must use the same car if you are on the list. A sticker maybe place on the car to show you have been using the same car.
  18. Must have body on car when racing.
  19. Cars with only four wheels may race. No bikes, motorcycles, three wheel cars.
  20. If your car has a wheelie bar, must have working wheel(s) on them.



Kids List

1. Coby M.
2. Aieden M.
3. Shelby H.

Electric List

1. Tony Ingalls
2. Slade M.
3.  Phillip Henderson
4.  Cliff Guest
5.   Tom Mitchell
6.   Mike Cronan
7.   Jawaski Evans
8.   Derrick Driver
9.   Dustin Pratt
10.  Darrin Culler

Nitro List

1. I. Wallace