RC Bashing



Event: RC Bashing – Series of events showing the power of RC vehicles with excitement to drive them.

Date: August 25, 2018

Time: Noon – 6pm, early registration is recommended.


Location: 350 Old Oxford Road, Covington, Ga. 30014

Vehicles Allowed – Electric, Nitro, and Gas

Vehicle Size – All off-road RC vehicles up to 1/8th (no 1/5th, or X-Maxx)

Other things -Rules: Everyone in the event area must have armband insurance.  No driving in the parking lot.  Only drive in event area(s). Event areas are areas that RC vehicle(s) will be operating in.

– $20 for event sign-up.  This is for one person, and entree into all events. (One year memberships and Free 30 day track time are not allowed to be used for entry into events.)

 RC Bashing Events                                      RCbash2

RC Bowling – This event requires one RC vehicle to jump a ramp and try to knock as many pins down in two jumps.

– Sumo RC – This event requires two or more RC vehicles.  Object is to push the other RC vehicle(s) out of the flat arena. (No battle bots)

– Obstacle Course – This event requires two or more RC vehicles.  Object is drive the off-road track and negotiate obstacles to be climbed, drive around, drive over.  First one to knock over the cone at the finish line wins.

– RC Corn Hole Jumping – This event requires two RC vehicles. Object is the first RC vehicle to get their vehicle in the core hole by jumping and landing in the corn hole.

-Longest Jump – This event requires one RC vehicle. Object to jump the RC vehicle the longest from the ramp.

Itinerary for RC Bash Day (subject to change without notice)

10:30am – 11:30am: Signup\Register RC Bash Day, and practice.
12pm – 1pm : RC Bowling
1:30pm – 2:30PM : Sumo RC
3PM – 4PM : RC Corn Hole Jumping
4PM – 5PM: Obstacle Course
5PM-6PM: Longest Jump
6PM – 7PM : Awards




Quick video of RC Bashing –